Illustrated magazine articles on 'Lone Star'  

Model Collector, Winter 1987, pp. 13-15 inclusive, "DCMT Crescent" by Robert Newson.

Model Collector, June/July 1988, p. 12, "DCMT Crescent - An Update" by Robert Newson.

Model Collector , March 1990, pp. 28/29, "Lone Star Roadmasters" by Mike Richardson. (Reader's letters - MC May 1990, p. 9)

Model Collector , July 1991, p. 28, "Odd Man Out" (Lone Star's 1956 "Road-Master" 1912 Bullnose Morris) by Anders Ditlev Clausager. (Reader's letters - MC Sept. 1991, p. 12)

Model Collector , March 1993, pp. 24-31 inclusive, "Lone Star Impy and Flyers" (Part 1.) by Robert Newson.

Model Collector , April 1993 , pp. 20-27 inclusive, "Lone Star Impy and Flyers" (Part 2.) by Robert Newson.

Model Collector , June 1996 , pp. 29-36 (excluding pp. 33/34), "Lone Star Roadmasters" by Robert Newson.

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Diecast Collector, May 1999, No. 19, pp. 28-30, "New light on Lone Star", by A. G. Ralston.

Model Collector, December 1999, pp. 36-42, "Cowboys and Engines", by Geoffrey S. Ambridge.

Diecast Collector, January 2000, pp. 32-34 inclusive, "The Lone Star Roadmaster Major Series" by Andrew G. Ralston.

Model Railway Collector, January / February 2000 (Part 1 pp. 18/19 - Part 2 pp. 46-47), "Lone Star Treble-0-Lectric" and "Lone Star Treble-0", respectively, by Clive Gehle.

Diecast Collector, November 2000, No. 37, pp. 30-34, "Remains to be seen", by G. S. Ambridge.

Toy Car Collector, August 2001, p.25, "Toy Car Heritage - Lone Star", by G. S. Ambridge.

Diecast Collector, August 2001, pp. 18-21 inclusive, "Lone Star in Japan: The collection of Akiko Hoshikawa" by Andrew G. Ralston.

Precision Die Cast Car Collectors Club of Los Angeles, September 2001, Issue 51, pp. 2 & 4, by G. S. Ambridge.

Model & Collectors Mart, November 2002, pp. 16/17, "Lone Star" by Andrew G. Ralston.

Toy Cars & Models, (Krause Publications, USA), November 2002, p. 30, "Lone Star Illuminated", by Mark Rich.

Plastic Warrior, (undated, circa January 2003), Issue 93, p. 6, "Book Review" by Paul Morehead.

Model Auto Review, June 2003, Issue 173, p.8803,"The Lone Star-Lesney link" by G. S. Ambridge.

Toy Shop, (Krause Publications, U.S.A.), June 2003, p.19, "Tracking 'Lone Star' Toys" by Mark Rich.

Plastic Warrior, (undated, circa September 2003), Issue 96, p.11, "'Harvey Toy Company: The origins of Lone*Star Plastics " by Denis W. Eagles..

Diecast Collector, October 2003, Issue 72, pp. 43-47 inclusive, "Star Struck Again" by Malcolm Bates.

Plastic Warrior, (undated, circa January 2004), Issue 100, pp.10-11, "Harvey Designers" and also pp.12-13, "Figures Lone Star never made" by Denis W. Eagles.

Diecast Collector, February 2004, Issue 76, pp.24-28 inclusive, "Lone Star Impy Flyers and Commercials" (Part 1.) by Robert Newson.

Diecast Collector, March 2004, Issue 77, pp.36-40 inclusive, "Lone Star Impys and Commercials" (Part 2.) by Robert Newson.

Model Collector, April 2004, Issue 188, p.26, Book review of "The Bumper Book of 'Lone Star' Diecast Models and Toys 1948-88"

Diecast Collector, April 2004, Issue 78, pp.40-43 inclusive, "Lone Star Impy" (Part 3.) by Robert Newson.

Diecast Collector, June 2004, Issue 80, pp.37-40 inclusive, "Lone Star Impy" (Part 4) by Robert Newson.

Collect it!, June 2004, Issue 83, pp.62/63, "David's toy box" (Book Review) by David Barzilay.

Model Collector, September 2005, Issue 205, pp.71-75, "Aircraft of the World" (Lone Star's '250-scale' series of passenger aircraft [c.1962]) by Brian Salter.

Diecast Collector, September 2005, Issue 95, pp. 28/29, "Lone Star-the French Connection" by Andrew Ralston.

Model Collector, January 2006, p.71, "A Day to Shine" (an article about the 2005 event at Whitewebbs Museum) by Geoffrey Ambridge.

Collectors' Gazette, September 2006, p.18, "Lone Star: Shining Brightly" by Geoffrey Ambridge.

Best of British, June 2007, pp. 10/11 "Bang, Bang, You're Dead" (re Die-cast guns) by Gerald Edwards.

Collectors' Gazette, July 2007, No. 280, pp. 12/13 "Lone Star's 'Top Ten' Diecast guns" by Geoffrey Ambridge.

Model Collector, November 2007 issue, p.9. "Jack Odell Remembered" by Geoffrey Ambridge.

Collectors' Gazette, January 2008, Issue No. 286, p.17, "Lone Star's salute to James Bond 007" by Geoff Ambridge.

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